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MCR School Swimming FAQ

What if a school rings to say the coach hasn’t turned up (before or after lesson) ?

Pick up times are 20mins before lesson / 15mins after lesson

Why can’t pupils wear goggles ?

This is due to the fact that we are delivering the National Curriculum and we have an obligation to ensure all our pupils are competent in the water without goggles. It is also a health and safety issue and a risk assessment has been completed. If there is a medical reason for why the child should wear goggles then a medical letter from the doctors/opticians can be presented to the swim teacher.

What is appropriate swim wear ?

All swim wear must be tight fitting and be of an appropriate material. Bermuda shorts are not allowed as they give a false sense of buoyancy and the instructor is unable to clearly see leg movement in the water.

Is jewellery allowed ?

Jewellery is not permitted on the school swimming programme, including stud earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc. This policy is in place for safety reasons and AFPE (Association for Physical Education) safe practice is the legislation we follow. If a child wants their ears pierced, we advise this to be done during Summer holidays therefore they will be able to be removed for their School Swimming session.

Who should parents questions be directed to ?

Parental enquires/complaints are to come via the school.

What if I have questions about Swiphony or cant get it to work properly ?

If you require support to access swimphony please email