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MCR School Swimming Certification


  • Enter the water safely
  • Move forwards for a distance of 5 metres
  • Move backwards for a distance of 5 metres
  • Move sideways for distance of 5 metres
  • Scoop the water and wash face
  • Be at ease with water showered from overhead
  • Move into a stretched floating position using aids, equipment or support
  • Regain an upright position from on the back, with support
  • Regain an upright position from on the front with support
  • Push & glide in a horizontal position to or from a wall
  • Take part in a teacher led partner orientated game
  • Demonstrate an understanding of pool rules
  • Exit the water safely


  • Blow Bubbles
  • Push from Wall and glide on back
  • Push from wall and glide on front
  • Rotation ft to bk and regain upright
  • Rotation bk to ft and regain upright


  • Jump in and submerge
  • P and G on ft to bk
  • P and G bk to ft
  • Fully Submerge to pick up object
  • Sequence of 3 floats


  • 5m front
  • 5m back
  • 10m front
  • 10m back
  • 25m front
  • 25m back
  • 50m
  • 10m Recognised stroke


  • Kick 10m Backstroke
  • Kick 10m Frontcrawl
  • kick 10m breaststoke (front or back)
  • Perform sculling sequence


  • Tread water for 30 secs
  • Demonstrate an action for getting help
  • Swim 10m with clothes on
  • Perform a 'shout & signal' rescue
  • Perform a surface dive
  • Exit the water without using steps

5m Crab

10m Octopus

25m Whale

50m Turtle